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[pearl river · glory] Mr. Andre, general counselor, was selected as \"top 10 elites in the sanya cultural industry\"

2017-12-11 16:34



Andrei ivanov

China national friendship award winner

Foreign experts received by two Chinese leaders.

General consultant of hainan pearl river international travel agency


Huang shaowen, director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress (right), presented awards to top 10 elite figures, including Andre (second right)

On the evening of December 8, in the mangrove conference hall of sanya city, the second sanya international cultural industry Expo in 2017 welcomes the food and Syria and sanya cultural industry ten elite awards held here.


Mr. Andre, general advisor of the state tourism of pearl river, was named as the top ten outstanding figures of sanya cultural industry in 2017 because of his outstanding contributions to the development of Hainan 's tourism culture and the active dissemination of Chinese and Russian culture and the establishment of a platform for cultural exchange between China and Russia.



Mr. andrey delivered a speech on the theme of Chinese and Russian at the awards. he thanked the sanya municipal government and was honored to receive the award. at the same time, he delivered a unique and novel speech on the development of sanya culture. before concluding, he wished the sanya international cultural industry Expo 2017 fruitful results.


According to Zhou chengquan, executive vice president and secretary general of sanya cultural industry association, the selection is guided by sanya municipal government, and sponsored by sanya municipal party Committee propaganda department, sanya municipal bureau of culture, radio and television publishing and sports and sanya municipal bureau of commerce and exhibition.  In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of cultural development, from a number of outstanding cultural enterprises to optimize, select a number of sanya city economic construction and cultural development to make outstanding contributions to the enterprises and individuals, the purpose is to encourage all kinds of outstanding talents to stand out.

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